Tips for choosing Travel Insurance

Travel insurance like most other schemes should not be viewed as a generic ‘one-size-fits-all’ policy.  Just because you have obtained insurance doesn’t mean you’re covered in the same way as the next traveller.  You need to discern what you want from a travel insurance policy and always look for the most comprehensive policy rather than just simply doing a search for the cheapest.

Travel insurance comes in many forms but varies greatly from one to the next.  The European Health Insurance Card incorporates the “insurance” term and is no undoubtedly a primary supplement to any excursion, but it doesn’t entitle you to any cover other than statutory health care throughout the EEA and Switzerland.  This is an invaluable form of practical cover but it doesn’t entitle you to things like any form of privately sourced health provision, loss of luggage, personal liability cover, insurance against theft, cancellation or damage to property.  These eventualities are all covered by a paid insurance plan which you must find.

Too many travellers put their faith in policies they’ve blindly taken out, perhaps through credit cards or policies dished out through the travel agent.  Attention to detail is vital with one policy often differing greatly from the next.

Any modern traveller should consider multi trip insurance.  The cost of travel has become far more affordable and many of us jet off 2 or 3 times per year.  This often makes multi trip travel insurance a much more viable solution, avoiding repeat fees and giving you the wider often associated with multi trip packages. It’s always good to think ahead and that’s why you should consider travel insurance.

Cancellations, delays and loss of luggage are all part of the modern world of travel and anyone looking to take out a policy should read the fine print where these areas are concerned.  Personal liability cover is becoming increasingly important in our litigious Western societies and attributes like access to a 24 hour medical assistance helpline can be invaluable in soothing your stresses after an accident.